ARKS is a liquidity management protocol whose utmost mission is to connect traditional assets with the crypto world. While helping the real estate infrastructure industry, U.S. Treasuries and structured loans transition smoothly towards Web 3.0, ARKS provides a bridge for crypto users to capture real-world liquidity. This on-chain and off-chain (O2O) ecosystem will enable users to access simplified and democratized real estate, U.S. Treasuries and structured loan investments, lending, liquidity asset management as well as graded revenue service experience through ARKS' unique mechanisms such as real estate investment, buy now pay later and mortgage lending, DeFi, NFT, etc.

The vast real estate infrastructure managed by ARKS will enable users to enjoy a range of benefits such as appreciation, rental income, discounts, membership rights, community rights and even exclusive ownership of real estate infrastructure. The U.S. Treasuries and structured loans managed by ARKS will also allow users to enjoy a range of benefits such as interest returns in real life, making it no longer unreachable to purchase U.S. Treasuries. These benefits were previously monopolized by traditional large real estate developers and financial institutions.

Holders can also create synthetic assets by pledging real estate NFTs through ARKS' lending system. This future cash flow collateralization model allows users to borrow crypto assets using NFTs with smart contracts. This mechanism solves the liquidity and low arbitrage problems of practical NFTs

Currently, most real estate rights are determined by paper contracts. However, ARKS' blockchain-based asset ownership new mechanism replaces paper contracts with digital tokens and provides unique advantages for digital tokens in real estate investment, including but not limited to:

  1. Convenience: Digital token transactions will eliminate expensive real-world fees and taxes, while fragmented investments greatly reduce the investment threshold for real estate, U.S. Treasuries, and structured loans.

  2. Risk hedging: The real estate industry has lower correlation with other asset classes, while U.S. Treasuries are more stable, contributing to hedging against high volatility risks of cryptocurrencies.

  3. Positive economic cycle between the real world and the crypto world: Through ARKS' unique mechanism, the returns on real estate investment, U.S. Treasuries, structured loans, and lending will be continuously injected into ARKS, which will further invest the returns from the crypto world into real estate infrastructure. This positive cycle will help to expand the entire crypto economy.

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