Legally Compliant

ARKS tokenizes real estate assets in a completely legal fashion in compliance with all current SEC regulations in the U.S. ARKS offers RWA SFTs pursuant to two exemptions under the Act; one for sale to US Accredited Investors, as defined under Regulation D of the Act, and the other to non-US persons, under Regulation S of the Act.

In the U.S., to issue securities, one in principle needs to "register" it, meaning IPO. However, there are exemption clauses that allow one to issue securities without the IPO process if certain conditions are satisfied. For example, if all investors are US-based accredited investors, this falls under the Reg D exemption; if all investors are non-US investors, this falls under the Reg S exemption, etc.

To be in compliance with provisions of the Act and its exemptions, we are required to provide full, fair, and accurate disclosure of all aspects, including risks and restrictions on transferability and resale, of your purchase and ownership of a RWA SFT, so you are in a position to make an informed investment decision.

Our detailed Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Documentation, and commitment to provide ongoing property operating results and market evaluation relative to each RWA offering all support our commitment to satisfy US securities’ world-renowned standards and your investment needs.

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