The UST NFT is a non-fungible token, with its face value representing the value of the NFT. Investors can pay USDC/USDT to mint a certain value of UST NFT, and the face value of the UST NFT will automatically rebase every 24 hours. Investors can submit redemption requests at any time and receive USDC/USDT for the rebased face value of the USR NFT. Details on Redemption below. UST NFT offers one-stop functionalities for investment, liquidity provision, and participation in decentralized finance. UST NFT ensure verifiability, transparency, and security through ARKS, providing investors with new opportunities for on-chain investments.
At present, the UST NFT can only be minted and redeemed via the ARKS. The UST NFT minted by the investor will be held in the investor’s wallet. It is the sole responsibility of the investor to take the necessary steps to safeguard the NFT from potential loss. The NFT Issuer will not be liable for the loss of UST NFT held in investors’ self-custody.Additionally, there are plans for composability across different venues and networks for the UST NFT, which could include trading on secondary marketplaces, usage as collateral, and bridging to other blockchain networks.
As non-fungible tokens, each UST NFT is unique and its value and ownership can be traced and proven. UST NFT has various applications within the ARKS ecosystem. Firstly, it serves as an investment instrument, enabling investors to participate in the US Treasury bills market and benefit from interest and principal returns. Secondly, UST NFT can be trade on secondary marketplaches, allowing investors to prevent larger losses resulting from liquidation.Additionally, UST NFT possess abundant liquidity, which can be utilized as collateral on decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms for borrowing USDT/USDC and other financial transactions.