Fee Structure

All platform fees chargeable by ARKS will be waived during the initial launch phase. After the promotion period ends, the following fee components may apply to users of the ARKS UST NFT:

  • Transaction Fee and Management Fee of 35 basis points

The Transaction Fee will mainly cover the operational costs of maintaining the UST NFT across on-chain and off-chain venues. Some of the costs to be incurred are:

  • Ethereum gas fees

  • Bank wire fees

  • Digital asset to fiat conversion fees

The Management Fee is collected by the ARKS protocol for the management of the UST NFT and the US Treasury-Bills portfolio. The scope of portfolio management for the UST NFT includes:

  • Maintaining the target utilisation rate and on-chain reserve ratio

  • Maintaining the target weighted-average maturity of the portfolio

  • Rolling over matured US Treasury-Bills into new securities and compounding earned returns

  • Complying with the regulatory requirements of management of investors’ capital

  • Commissioning third-party audits and attestation reports of the on-chain and off-chain assets of the UST NFT

  • Commissioning regular smart contract audits and security reviews of the UST NFT by third-party providers

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