The ARKS community believes that ARKS governance should not be limited to the functionality and settings of NFT lending, but should also empower users with the right to manage platform assets for effective governance.


The ARKS community will gather all community revenue into the Treasury, including but not limited to:

  1. 80% of the profit after deducting the cost of redeem fees

  2. 20% of the cost of upgrading (paid in ARKS) will go to the national treasury, while the other 80% will be burned and governed by DAO. There may be inflation in the future, but only after the total amount of unlocked ARKS reaches 80% will there be possible inflation.

  3. A certain percentage of protocol interest revenue

  4. National treasury asset management

  5. Fees for using the "buy now pay later" or collateralized lending protocols

  6. NFT transaction fees (not currently collected during the community expansion period, but may be collected in the future)

The Treasury is mainly composed of a combination of USDT and ARKS, and users can use their veARKS tokens to vote on how the funds in the Treasury are used and allocated.

Governance Platform

In the initial stage, the platform will be managed by the team who will collect and initiate governance proposals, which will be voted upon by veARKS holders to decide on the proposal outcome. Later on, the governance process will gradually transition to decentralized governance, where users can initiate proposals and use their veARKS tokens to vote on the proposal outcomes.

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