Redemption and Rebasement

An investor can redeem their UST NFT for USDC/USDT from the UST NFT Assent Pool by initiating a withdrawal on the Account interface. During the redemption process, the UST NFT previously held by the investor will be burnt. The final amount of USDC/USDT the investor will receive will be the rebased face value of UST NFT, net of transaction fees.
Y(i) represents the initial face value of UST NFT hold by investor(i)
C represents USDC/USDT tokens in UST NFT Assent Pool
T represents USD
B represents the market value of US Treasury-Bills
R represents the rebased face value of UST NFT
M represents USDC/USDT tokens to receive
S represents transaction fees

Note on on-chain liquidity

The ARKS US Treasury will maintain a maximum of 5% USDC/USDT reserves on-chain by rebalancing its holdings daily. Any remaining USDC/USDT will be converted to USD and used to purchase US Treasury-Bills via the established brokerage account, which will then be held in custody by regulated custodians. As a result, there may be instances where the available liquidity of USDC/USDT in the UST NFT Asset Pool is insufficient to immediately meet investor demands for redemption. In such cases, investors who initiate a redemption request will be placed into a withdrawal queue.
  1. 1.
    The requested redemption amounts will be aggregated and fulfilled through the sale of US Treasury-Bills held in the custodian account. This process may take up to two business days.
  2. 2.
    The sales proceeds in USD from the US Treasury-Bill sale will be converted back into USDC/USDT and transferred to the UST NFT Asset Pool to satisfy any outstanding redemption requests. This process may require up to three business days.