Dividend Pool

In order to let users grow together with the ARKS community and allow NFT holders to earn more protocol revenue when they have more tokens, a portion of the profits from ARKS lending will be distributed to users who hold locked ARKS and veARKS. The funds in the dividend pool are distributed weekly to veARKS holders, and each user's fee distribution percentage is calculated based on their veARKS balance relative to the total veARKS supply.

How does the Dividend Reward Pool work?

  1. Part of the profits earned from USDT loans and various fees will enter the Dividend Reward Pool.

  2. The reward pool is updated weekly, and every Thursday at 14:00 USDT, the accumulated income from the previous week will be distributed to the dividend pool.

  3. Dividend rewards will be released in real-time based on the proportion of veARKS held by the user in the dividend pool, and can be withdrawn in real-time.

  4. The longer the locking period for the same amount of ARKS, the more veARKS will be generated, and the higher the dividend APR that can be enjoyed.

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